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State-of-the-Art Protection

ing a responsible face to customers and the public. The innovative new Mask-Tec Membrane Mask from TTG offers employers an exceptional product that significantly increases safety and protection versus other options, all for a surprisingly affordable price. Only Mask-Tec utilizes ePTFE membrane filtration technology to create a durable, breathable barrier inside a multiple-layer mask. The medical grade ePTFE membrane filters out particulates but allows body heat, perspiration, and respirations to escape for maximum protection with maximum comfort. That translates to better PPE compliance and safer working conditions for your employees.

ePTFE Membrane Filtration Technology

Superior PFE All Day Long

To claim medical grade ratings, Mask-Tec Membrane Mask had to meet a 95% particulate filtration efficiency (PFE) as measured by the ASTM F2299 test method for surgical masks. Mask-Tec Membrane Mask scored a PFE of more than 99% initially and, most importantly, still demonstrated a PFE of more than 95% at the end of an 8-hour shift.*

The Mask-Tec Membrane Mask’s ePTFE film creates a hydrophobic mechanical barrier maintaining PFE under the most rigorous workday conditions. Point bonds, sonically welded, ensure the mask’s filtration integrity. Other masks should be replaced several times a day as their PFE quickly degrades or they tear or get damp. Mask-Tec Membrane Mask offers durable protection that lasts all day.

The Mask-Tec Membrane Mask is designed and engineered in the USA. The medical grade ePTFE membrane is manufactured in Higginsville, Missouri, and the mask is constructed in Medina, NY. Best of all, the price is little more than paper masks. That affordability plus Mask-Tec’s significantly better protection and durability benefits combine to create a compelling ROI and easy investment in employee safety and satisfaction.

Mask-Tec Membrane Mask Benefits

• Medical grade protection lasts all day long
• Durable construction does not need frequent replacement
• Increased comfort via superior breathability, body heat regulation, and moisture control yields higher PPE compliance rates
• Simple investment in employee safety
• Reduces risk of sick days that threaten operations and company reputation
• Same price as less effective options
• Made in USA
• Independently tested for performance

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