Project Description

TTG produces industrial filtration membranes and laminates that are used to filter particulate from air, and solids from liquids. TTG uses state-of-the-art processing equipment to convert fine powder PTFE resins into ePTFE membranes, and in-house thermal bonding equipment to apply them to textiles.

TTG produces ePTFE membrane and laminates for a variety of filtration applications. Our products are used to filter air, , water and various other liquids through the following properties of ePTFE.

  • Filtration Efficiency – All TTG products will capture 99.9% of material 1 micron and larger, and many of our products are HEPA rated.
  • Cleanability – Our products can be re-used since they do not blind or foul like traditional filtration fabrics. We use surface filtration system to keep the particulate on the surface of our membranes.
  • Pressure Drop – Over time our membranes maintain their low pressure drop since their surface remains clean and un-blinded.
  • Chemical and Thermal Resistance – Our ePTFE membranes are rated to temperatures up to 500 F, and since they are produced from polytetrafluoroethylene are chemically resistant to acids, alkalis, solvents, and other chemicals.

Because of these unique properties, TTG membranes and laminates are used in many industrial and consumer filtration applications.

  • Air Filtration – Our Ecoflex Filter Media is designed for industrial air pollution control, and have been verified by the EPA’s Baghouse Testing Program.
  • Liquid Filtration – TTG laminates are used to filter solids from liquids in challenging chemical environments.
  • Vacuum Filtration – We custom design ePTFE laminates that are converted into small pleated elements and used in consumer and commercial vacuum cleaners. Similar to our industrial air filtration laminates, our vacuum filtration products capture particulate at HEPA efficiency, and are washable and re-generable.