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PTFE venting membrane

Chemical Processing

TTG’s filtration products are used extensively in the chemical process...

Microvent Membrane


Our Microflex Venting Media allows producers and packagers of high-end...

Laminate Manufacturers


TTG’s Ecoflex Filter Media has been tested by the EPA as part of the E...

Microventing Laminates


TTG is dedicated to the advancement of clean air technology and enviro...

PTFE Products and Services

Food & Pharmaceuticals

Our air filtration products are used in on-line and batch processing a...

Metals Mining filtration

Metals & Mining

Our Ecoflex Filter Media is used in the production of steel, bauxite,...

Waterproof Breathable Fabric


In addition to protecting sensitive equipment, fabric laminates utiliz...

Waterproof And Breathable Fabric


TTG provides fabric laminators with ePTFE membranes for consumer and t...