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Meeting the challenges of the Filtration Industry Innovative, high quality ePTFE products Learn More Providing expertize, efficiency and seamless execution to the filtration industry Shortest lead-times in the industry Unparalleled Customer service Partnerships with customers and suppliers Caption Text6 Consistent high quality
Continuous improvement programs
Learn More Customer inclusive problem solving
Consistent high quality
Continuous improvement programs
Learn More Customer inclusive problem solving

TTG Inc, leverages 50 years of experience to provide innovative,
high quality ePTFE solutions to the filtration and fabrics markets.

TTG Inc. is committed to provide innovative, premium quality PTFE products and related services through process excellence and by executing partnerships with customers and suppliers throughout the world. The TTG Inc. team is committed to serve our customers by providing consistent quality while continually improving the effectiveness of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

PTFE Solution

Maximizes clean ability in Chemical processing applications

Ecoflex Filter Media provides continuous production, lower energy costs, and extended life

Exceeds EPA Requirements

Food and Pharmaceutical grade media

Ecoflex Media provides optimal combination of air flow and efficiency

Meets many of the required Global regulations for Food Contact
Air Hydrophobic waterproofing

Oleophobic Processing Technology

TTG has raised the level of performance of contamination control with the development of its N-Aire Oleophobic Processing technology.

Read More about N-Aire Oleophobic
Microfiltration Membrane Manufacturers-2


Provides manufactures of industrial and consumer apparel makers with ePTFE membrane films that keep people protected from moisture, wind, chemicals and blood borne pathogens.
mechanical ventilation


Produces industrial filtration membranes and laminates that are used to filter particulate from air, and solids from liquids.
Auto Microventing


Supplies packaging companies and converters with products that are designed to protect equipment from moisture and sub-micron particulate while allowing air movement and pressure regulation.


PTFE venting membrane

Chemical Processing

TTG’s filtration products are used extensively in the chemical process...

Microvent Membrane


Our Microflex Venting Media allows producers and packagers of high-end...

Laminate Manufacturers


TTG’s Ecoflex Filter Media has been tested by the EPA as part of the E...

Microventing Laminates


TTG is dedicated to the advancement of clean air technology and enviro...

PTFE Products and Services

Food & Pharmaceuticals

Our air filtration products are used in on-line and batch processing a...

Metals Mining filtration

Metals & Mining

Our Ecoflex Filter Media is used in the production of steel, bauxite,...

Waterproof Breathable Fabric


In addition to protecting sensitive equipment, fabric laminates utiliz...

Waterproof And Breathable Fabric


TTG provides fabric laminators with ePTFE membranes for consumer and t...

What Our Clients Say?

Our Core Value

A 2009 start-up Technology Company incorporating more than 50 years of combined experience in the design, manufacture and sale of:

  • ePTFE membranes and laminates applied in Fabric Filter baghouses for the Air   Pollution Control Industry.
  • ePTFE membranes used in the global waterproof-breathable consumer and professional apparel markets.
  • ePTFE membranes used in the global microfiltration market.
  • A vertical manufacturer and laminator of ePTFE membranes.
  • Combined talent > 50+ years of technical experience and expertise.
  • Owns the most modern, state of the art equipment/process in the industry today.
  • Enjoys strategic alliances with global substrate suppliers.
  • “no strings attached” product development programs.
  • Continuous improvement of ePTFE capabilities.
  • Lowest corporate overhead in the industry.
  • 2 – ePTFE Manufacturing Line (resin preparation, extrusion, tape manufacture and film stretching oven.)
  • 3  – Thermal Laminators … The hot rolls use electrical induction heat technology. All laminators optimized for laminating at 350 – 720deg.F
  • 2 – Inspection and slitting lines.
  • 2 – Complete and fully integrated laboratory to support development, quality and sale of ePTFE films and laminates.
  • 1 – Microventing Laminator in White Room
  • 1 – Oleophobic Treatment Line

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