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CELLATEX ePTFE medical membranes combine the well-known biocompatibility and performance of PTFE with a highly uniform node and fibril structure imparted during TTG’s proprietary manufacturing process. The node and fibril structure of

CELLATEX ePTFE imparts the microporous properties that enable a permeable and flexible format while maintaining the exceptional physical and compositional properties of PTFE. CELLATEX ePTFE medical products excel in diverse applications where porosity is vital. CELLATEX ePTFE medical membranes are produced through the extrusion and dimensional expansion of PTFE under TTG’s strictly controlled processing parameters. This proprietary process produces ePTFE membranes and tapes with tightly controlled pore structures and unique physical properties such as flexibility, strength, hydrophobicity, tunable permeability, and high dielectric strength. CELLATEX ePTFE is ideal for many applications in health related fields and numerous other demanding performance markets.


CELLATEX Critical Properties


Low surface energy and COF
Exceptional chemical resistance
Excellent dielectric properties

Range of CELLATEX Medical Applications


Vascular grafts
Covered stents
Stent grafts
Filtration and venting
Dental implant procedures
Hearing aids
Fiber optic protective wrap
High frequency wire and cable insulation
Packaging aids


CELLATEX Product Forms


Plasma treatment of textiles


Sustainability Matters


TTG’s manufacturing process is highly resource efficient and extremely clean with minimal emissions or waste. TTG selects its materials with care to ensure optimal quality and environmental responsiveness. TTG is certified to ISO 9001:2015 through Bureau Veritas for processes that attain the highest levels of quality control.




Bruce Anneaux, PhD
Chief Technology Officer

Michael Nilan
Business Development Consultant


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